Wellness Wisdom Events for Metabolic Health

Upcoming live events are in the works....

Meanwhile, past events are now available as video replays!

7 Day Kickstart to Metabolic Health Series:

Do you feel like you’re losing control of your body as you age and want a natural approach to transform your health and minimize the need for medications in your future?

7 video lessons to help you get started with key action steps to stop and even reverse the decline, and heal your body's natural ability to regulate energy, weight and health again.

  • Strategies to improve your insulin sensitivity and decrease inflammation (= healthy), rather than continue to promote insulin resistance and inflammation (unhealthy)
  • Along with 7 health tip lessons, you'll ALSO get 7 simple health markers to track, to give you earlier detection of metabolic decline
  • NOTE: the Day 1 Lesson, on Why NOT to Diet, and What to Do Instead, is available for FREE when you join my email audience (from the Home page or Blog in menu above).

 Click here to get the 7 Day Kickstart Replays!

ALSO Available!

Recorded workshop on Fasting for Metabolic Health, available now

Curious about fasting in a way that is healing rather than damaging?

Please join me and discover how easy and healing the right type of fasting can be! This replay is for those who are:

  • Curious about fasting
  • Think "Never, no way, I could never fast" (yet are open to looking at it)
  • Think "That can't be healthy" (yet are open to discovering otherwise)
  • Have tried fasting and it didn't go well
  • Currently fasting, and may be making some health mistakes with it

Yes I'm curious about fasting!